Lorem Ipsum

Dear Reader,

I have every intention of actually writing interesting blog posts. I do. But, you see, there’s a certain kind of energy I’ve lost to writing other long form things, and all I have left in me is the ability to hit post on instagram. I text entirely in stickers now. It annoys my friends and loved ones.

So, no blog post. Not yet.

Anyway, not totally sure how I feel about blogging. To start with, the word “blog” is extremely weird. It’s short for web log, if you didn’t know that. But I prefer the idea that I’m on a ship rather than the web, which theoretically I could be but admittedly am not, so shouldn’t it be “plog” (for ship-log)?

But in any case, there’s a lot of CSS to mess around with on this website, and not a lot of coherent thoughts in my brain. So I’m going to post a bunch of Lorem Ipsum text and leave it here so I can see what block quotes look like and all that.

I really like block quotes. So if you do come back, you can expect this will be a blog with a lot of those probably, since I’ve already invested several hours in trying to style them to look exactly like the Arion Press edition of Moby Dick.

Anyway, I hope you will come back later. And hopefully I’ll have recovered my ability to form coherent sentences by then.

Or, you know, maybe I’ll just post Lorem Ipsum once a week as a commentary on the meaninglessness of text or something.

Yours truly,



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