Where was Figment When I Was a Kid?

I am by no means an expert, but I started putting some writing advice on Get Underlined. I have no idea if anyone reads it, but it’s kind of fun. I think Get Underlined is trying to build a community similar to the site it came from, which was called Figment. I also literally just discovered Wattpad.

As a former weird-teen writer (it’s a genre of person), I am so in love with the ability of teenagers to put writing they will later face in shame on the internet. When I was younger, it was all about fanfiction, and I believe we were all on fanfiction.net because it was before Archive of our Own. I remember being SO into fanfiction, both reading and writing it, and it was early enough in the whole internet experience that anonymity in anything was really exciting. I was, for some bizarre reason, really into writing fanfiction about school books. (Why? Who the hell knows.) Like, all my English class books. It was just how I liked interacting with things I read…a weird way to analyze without being analytical.

The enthusiasm teens have for the pure joy of telling stories is so awesome to see. They’re imperfect writers, sure. It takes practice to be disciplined/consistent enough to succeed in a traditional sense in writing. Honestly, I would call all of these postings successes, though. The point of writing is not to get published. It’s awesome to write for the sake of writing, or sharing, or whatever. I wrote fanfiction to go live in a story for a while. I think that’s totally fine.

I don’t know. I’m enthusiastic about enthusiasm.