Ok, I swear this is the last one of these I’ll do for a while.

This is a random word document entitled books.doc from March 26, 2007 at 1:23 in the morning and never opened since. It was most likely typed up in the Hauser Fundome, though I have no idea what class or random pet project this was for. I do actually know what these books are, just not why I wanted them all in one document at 1:23 in the morning. It’s funny how I go around and around to the same topics over and over, though.

One hilarious detail: I really liked seeing things in Lucida Sans Typewriter or Console because I thought it made it look like it was typed up on one of those typewriters with the typeballs. So in the actual document, I changed the font to make it special, after which I never opened it again. (Probably because I printed it and taped it into one of my crazy notebooks, in this case.)

Into the trash! Preserved here forever.


BJ1409 .S35 1985 The Body in Pain
P40.5.S632 I57 1986 Solo in the New Order
HQ13.F6813 1978 History of Sexuality

PJ2035 .L3 1983   Introduction to Sahidic Coptic
BF1591 .A48 1994 Ancient Christian magic

PK666 .P5 1936 A sanskrit primer
PK666 .A568 1980z Sanskrit for English Speaking Adults