Reviews have started…

I‘ve seen a good number of reviews of my book that’s coming out, but I think it’s a pretty big rite of passage to see your name in a Kirkus review. Mine’s up. If you know me personally, you know I had…uh…some questions about the wording here. But I’ve been reminded that Kirkus is in a complex position due to other events that have nothing to do with me.

I also know there are reviews on goodreads, but I’m too scared to look at anything but the stars next to my book that I have to see every time I log in. Many thanks to my friends and family angrily summing up every tiny quibble they have with every single even slightly critical review. I mean, that’s not stressful at all.1

So, just a short update to say, I’m afraid that looking at reviews will seal me in my cups, raise my three sheets to the wind, and leave me generally lacquered in a self-preservation reflex that lifts bottle directly to mouth without intervening glass. But they are out there if you are looking.

  1. This is called sarcasm.