Another Book List…

I‘m strangely busy this week, so please enjoy a Powell’s shopping list from January 2007, which has helpfully been occupying some space on my laptop just in case I decide to recreate this eventful school shopping spree.

  • Wilford, Cage of Freedom
  • Klima, Funeral Casino
  • Taylor, Goddess on the Rise
  • Anderson, Imagined Communities
  • Morris, In the Place of Origins
  • Peletz, Islamic Modern
  • Bowen, Muslims Through Discourse
  • Siegel, New Criminal Type In Jakarta
  • Pemberton, On the Subject of “Java”
  • Cannell, Power and Intimacy in the Christian Phillipines
  • Rutherford, Raiding the Land of the Foreigners
  • Ong, Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline
  • Laderman, Taming the Winds of Desire
  • Haegeman, English Grammar
  • Varon, Bringing the War Home
  • Arendt, Crises of the Republic
  • Bell, Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism w/ New After…
  • Ross, May ’68 & Its Afterlives
  • Hayden, Port Huron Statement
  • Gitlin, Sixities rev w/ new preface
  • Berman, Tale of Two Utopias
  • Perec, Things a Man Asleep
  • Haberman, Towards a Rational Society
  • Feenberg, When Poetry Ruled the Streets
  • Bell, End of Ideology

Fun fact, though: that Perec book (actually two novels) ended up being one of my favorite books ever for some reason. I’ve recommended it to several special people, none of whom ever read it, just like none of my special people will read The Marie Cycle even though I swear up and down that it’s fantastic and the books are tiny.