Cute Cute Books!

I‘m such a sucker for small-ish, restrained book sets. Like, they could be on just about anything and I’d still be losing my mind over these Notting Hill Editions. It helps that they are on interesting topics by people in whom I am interested.

But if we’re being honest, the style thing makes up a shameful percentage of my desire.

In any case, this was the endpoint of me trying to figure out how to buy this book coming out in the US in June, On Dolls, that I’m slightly obsessed with having now, as in right now. But I will settle for having it later, as in a month from now. You should look at the contents though.

I’m going to need a book suitcase for my upcoming trip to England. Some people take a wine suitcase to France, and I am the idiot who must have a “Seriously you need to stop reading UK papers because the publication dates are different and you know that and yet you have no self control” suitcase. For books.