I have a few really nice puzzles from Artifact Puzzles. They have very beautiful prints, the pieces feel nice to handle, and the shapes themselves are so artfully done. This one I’ve been waiting for since basically forever:

Someday I would love to see this for real. But at least I could have a puzzle now, if they’d ever RELEASE THE GODDAMN PUZZLE. Jesus.

Sometimes when I really like a work of art I get a puzzle to try to shake off the obsession. This is one of those. I don’t have any just fun puzzles, actually. I also really prefer ones that have a ton of tiny figures.1

I’m planning a trip to England right now and I keep getting distracted by stuff I want from the British Museum store, and Rosetta Stone Puzzle is like right at the top of that list. I’m pathetic. I love the story about the rosetta stone.

My favorite puzzle is actually my Garden of Earthly Delights puzzle. I don’t know if this is true for every work, but the type of sustained evaluation required for puzzles has probably taught me more about Bosch than any book.2 I definitely am one of those “you can’t look at the box that’s cheating” people too. So it’s sort of almost not a horrid waste of time if your puzzles are of things you care about.

Are puzzles a waste of time, though? It’s clearly very much like a kind of meditative religious practice where you assemble a work of art meticulously piece by piece as though it’s the most important thing in the world, and then immediately unceremoniously disassemble it and shove it in a box to sit in a closet for years.3 There must be someone out there who’s written about puzzle rituals. I’m betting they’ve been compared extensively to Tibetan sand mandalas in the hypothetical semi-philosophical article that I am sure exists but that I am also too lazy to seek out.

Anyway, this blog post is just about as boring as most people find puzzles.

  1. Goodness gracious, I’m going to bring on a Where’s Waldo episode thinking about this. Something about the repetition of tiny figures scratches some deep OCD itch for me.
  2. But probably not more than this amazing website that I randomly scroll through every once in a while. Make sure you have sound on.
  3. Because only monsters frame puzzles. Yeah, I said it.