The Debut Author’s Plea

My friend Amanda Steadman and I recorded this song, which is called “The Debut Author’s Plea.” I’m not even going to apologize for the sad state of my singing, because I’m pretty sure the look on my face is apology enough.1 But as always, I’m a jack of all trades and master of none, and I think we can safely add “carrying a tune in a leaky, rusty old bucket” to the list of my dilettante accomplishments.

I also wanted to mention that we both work in a library. I believe Amanda is even wearing her library shirt! So, if you’re not a book buying person2 for whatever reason (lack of space, lack of funds, debilitating papyrophobia), asking your local library to buy it so you can read it totally counts! And if you read it and like it, asking your local library to buy it for other people to read is kind of like generally recommending it to your community. Many, many, many of my favorite books have been random library finds, and that’s one of the reasons I think collection development is so interesting. Yay libraries!

Anyway, please buy books! Not just this book, but books in general. But hopefully this book, you know, if you feel like it. It’s very important so that books can keep being made!

  1. Fun thing I learned: singing without a microphone is really, really, really fucking hard. Fun thing you’re missing out on: about thirty minutes of Amanda’s impromptu singing lessons, including some nonsense about an inner tube.
  2. I actually AM a book buying person and I STILL have a ridiculous number of books checked out from the library.