Born Sad

One of the better songs about living with depression I’ve ever heard is Mary Lambert’s “Born Sad,” which is a kind of music I don’t usually listen to, but I really like this one particular song of hers. I like the upbeat insistence of the question, “Am I just born sad?”And I love one particular line:

Clinging my books to my chest asking the pages, “Will anybody anywhere, ever love me back?”

That, I think, is a particularly cutting line.

There’s a lot of sad, heartbreaking music out there, but I like how direct this one is. It’s not about what it’s like to feel sad, it’s about what it’s like to be sad and to live with sadness. Weirdly I’ve never seen anything but live performances of this one, and I have no idea how I first came across it.

Anyway, here’s the best version I’ve found: