This Is Our Emergency

I go through waves of music, and something (almost certainly my iPhone attempting to get back in my good graces) brought me back to Doolittle,1 which for me is the same time period as Pretty Girls Make Graves. Personal music timelines are funny this way, because it’s like, the Shirelles and the White Stripes are ages apart, but for me, they’re the same personal time period, the same personal movement.2 It’s the same way Weezer and The Beatles are forever married in my mind because the only two CD’s in the bio lab where I worked were someone’s burned combo of Weezer’s Blue and Green albums, and a copy of similar legality of the Beatles’ Red Album. Filled so many pipette boxes to “Hash Pipe.”

It’s weird, anyway. You enjoy things, flow on in your tastes, and sometimes encounter a time warp. I’m too busy to pursue that thread of an idea, so enjoy a song that’s stuck with me, that I recently warped back to:

  1. Side note, look up Vaughan Oliver
  2. Side note: no one really knows why I have such a wide knowledge of music from the 30’s and 40’s. I can’t remember ever actively being interested in it as music. My best guess is that I picked it up from movies? Like, what is the alternative? That I was pirating the Andrews Sisters as a preteen?