Shingai Shoniwa

The Noisettes are one of my favorite bands of all time. It’s very, very rare that I like new bands, though I do often like new songs. The Noisettes are not new any more, but they were one of those few bands that I discovered when they were actually still active, but because of terrible luck I never got to see them perform.1

I don’t know what I loved so much about their sound. It’s that kind of 60’s thing I like from the actual 60’s, but it’s also the irreverent attitude. It’s that their sound is so hard to describe. Like, it’s unafraid to be pop-ish, and still interesting as a composition.2

Now Shingai Shoniwa is about to release her first solo work, and I am following it like a hungry wolf. In eager anticipation of Ancient Futures, which is debuting at The Albany on the 13th of September, here’s a song from the Noisettes that’s very easy to love, although this video quality is weird.

Please please please come here.

  1. I mean, except on YouTube. But it’s not the same.
  2. Wow. This is why I’m not a music journalist, kids.