The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

While I firmly maintain that I hate Cary Grant, I’ve been listening to a lot of Lux radio theater as I run a gazillion miles to “train” for this marathon, and he was pretty cute in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the movie, but the audio version did manage to stand on its own pretty well. I’m not sure if that’s harder or easier here, because it’s all an age-based joke. Making Grant seem ridiculous at a high school basketball game isn’t easy working in sound. But Shirley Temple, actually, is what I think sells it. It’s hearing her doing her “teenager imitating an adult” voice that makes the joke work.1

I love the golden age of radio, and I’m sure I would be heartbroken to find out just how much radio has been lost, but what’s astonishing is how accessible what’s around actually is. This is mostly because of a massive copyright fuck up in terms of foresight.

Anyway, it’s worth a listen, and it’s free on Pay particular attention to the incredibly hilarious ways they try to shove pitches for Lux soap into the interviews. Also, they’re plugging the hell out of this “Neptune’s Daughter” scatter pin they want girls to buy, and it was driving me crazy so I looked it up. It’s hideous. Why would anyone wear that.

Was there a golden age of mail order?

In other news I’m headed to Greece tomorrow so get ready for some radio silence or pre-scheduled content about pet subjects no one but me cares about. Or possibly a hurried update from Greece.

  1. Which is hilarious, because Shirley Temple was married and HAD A CHILD when she recorded this. Of course, she got married at 17…so it’s not that ridiculous.