One Thing I Miss About Work

There aren’t very many things that I miss about going to work, except the coworkers I liked and the abundance of books/movies and the fact that (aside from slowly sliding into serious exhaustion) I found the work enjoyable if not always fulfilling. I honestly think that I would have been a really happy library paraprofessional, I just couldn’t do it and have a writing career.

But one of the things I really, really miss about going to work every day is bringing my lunch. I really love packing lunches. And my bento lunches for myself aren’t even particularly time-intensive or beautiful. In fact, a lot of the time they were just leftover pizza cut into strips with some vegetables in another compartment and some yogurt or something.1 I just liked opening my lunch box and being excited for whatever I’d packed, which usually was completely random.

you have to be pretty creative to get pizza into this thing.

Part of that is that I have a few really, really cool lunchboxes that I love. One is this tower Totoro lunch box that is probably made of a plastic that gives you cancer. I also have a red Takenaka lunchbox that snaps closed, that very annoyingly appears to be no longer made. I have a Zojirushi Mr. Bento from when I worked at CUA and was packing my dinner every night. (I do NOT miss that closing shift.) It’s way too much food for lunch, but for dinner it’s a full hot meal and I really got a kick out of making awesome dinners that were that portable.

Now, I was usually starving because I ate my lunch at my desk after using my lunch break to swim. So I might be recollecting my lunches as being better than they were. And I do love making those fun lunches full of cat faces and panda bread too, when I’m showing off. For other people, I can make beautiful sandwiches and octopus hotdogs and heart-shaped onigiri. But, like, those things don’t usually taste as good as pizza or a cucumber sandwich.

In some ways it seems silly to pack a lunch in the morning because I work from home. But I think when I get back from Greece 2 I’m going to at least try to make a habit of leaving my house. Even if it means packing a lunch to take it to the gym I just joined. Because even if it’s silly, even if it’s a small thing, I think you should try to keep up small traditions you enjoy. Life is a meaningless soul-sucking mire most of the time and you should take joy from the little things. Like bento.

  1. And a mini-thermos full of negroni. If we’re being honest.
  2. Future Me says hello from Greece, by the way!