Leslie Howard Obsession Continues Apace

Because he is long dead, this doesn’t strike me as being as pathetic as it patently is, but I am hard in love with Leslie Howard. I mean honestly it’s not that different than when people are swoony over current celebrities, it’s just somehow categorized away as different because now it’s a historical thing and perhaps more classy. Also he’s dead so it’s not like he has any humanity under his image to hurt. In many ways, it’s the kleos all men dream of.1

Doesn’t he seem just too cool for school here?

No man should wear those pants. And yet he still looks cool.

I’m trying to loop back from this and watch/read/listen to more science fiction, which I used to be really up on. I still love science fiction2 but I couldn’t tell you what’s in, what won the Hugo or whatever. I mean I think Neil Stephenson has a new-ish book and I didn’t even notice. And I’m also trying to get back into comics and especially manga, which I feel like got unjustly dropped from my rotation because they’re perplexingly difficult to find in series order when you rely on the public library. Leslie Howard will always be there in silver nitrate, and watching literally everything he ever made in one extremely satisfying flood is probably not a good idea because I have books to write and such. Oh baby, do I have books to write.

Anyway, other than being in love with a deceased movie star, I’m just writing and listening to an insane amount of Old Time Radio as I train for this marathon. Oh look, Leslie Howard on Lux. Gotta run.

Found this image on this blog. That’s just not fair how am I supposed to get work done now?
  1. Oh yeah, use some Greek words. That totally makes this fangirling classy.
  2. If we’re being technical, what I really was up on is usually called Speculative Fiction, but I do actually love Science Fiction.