Training Recap: 2018.10.29 – 2018.11.4

Ooooh this was not a great week to have a seriously off training week. This marathon is on the 11th! BUT it is what it is, and my draft of <<Title To Be Announced Later>> is basically DONE and I’m polishing it up and submitting it as soon as I work up the nerve to do it. And that’s actually more important to me than doing my very, very best at this marathon. There will be other marathons. This book has been haunting me for too long, and I’m in love with it, and it’s hilarious. I’m ridiculously proud of this draft, though I have some concerns that my “vile” sense of humor might not go over that well. But in my experience, girls are gross. Like, way grosser than we give them credit for.

Anyway, I have discovered that “taper madness” is totally a thing. After I unintentionally dropped my mileage that drastically, I feel like I’m going completely crazy.

I think the best lesson I’ll have taken from this marathon is that my time is very open, but also very vulnerable, and I’ll need to figure out how to balance exercise with travel, unexpected deadlines, and all the other random crap that works its way into a self-employed person’s schedule. The hours are there, they’re just not always mine.

Monday5 miles
Tuesday4 miles45 minutes
Wednesday4 miles
Thursday6 miles
Friday3 miles

My only real “how to sports” insight this week was pretty straightforward: kimchee is good, but not before running. The more you know.

This Week’s Training Was Brought To You By…

This ENTIRE WEEK’s training was brought to you by A Gathering of Shadows because I am hard addicted to this series. The second book I didn’t like as much as the first one, but it ended with a  cliffhanger that pretty much guaranteed that I’ll be back.