Don’t Forget About Me

I sort of fortuitously ran across this song I love, and I realized this might be the song that best represents the book I just turned in.

Nanci Griffith is one of those artists I’ve been listening to since pre-memory. I basically never think of her, but I somehow know the words to all the songs on several albums, and she clearly affected my musical sensibilities. I don’t usually like this kind of folksy country, but I do like the nearly Broadway clarity of her storylines and themes. That’s a feature of a lot of country/folk music, but I think she does it particularly well. I did, for a long time, only have a tape player in my car and only one tape: Other Voices, Other Rooms. It’s my ultimate road trip soundtrack.

It’s funny, the book I just wrote didn’t have a “power song” like a lot of the ones I’ve written. If anything, its “power song” was “So Much Better” from the musical of Legally Blonde. Musical associations are weird that way. Sometimes it’s so literal, and other times, it makes no apparent sense. For me, it’s usually the “no sense” kind. Brains. Gotta love ’em.