Training Recap: 2018.11.26 – 2018.12.2

And we’re back! Sort of. Mostly I spent the week just trying to get back into the habit of going to the gym. No big wins exactly, but I did make myself get back in the pool.


This Week’s Training Was Brought To You By…

Spitfire (The First of the Few): Not the best movie ever made, but David Niven is pretty damn winning. I particularly liked the exchange between him and the German: “My mistake.” Leslie Howard is…well, you know. He’s Leslie Howard.

A Conjuring of Light: I actually have the same problem with this book that I had with the final Jackaby book, which is that the conclusion is just never as interesting to me as the worldbuilding, particularly when the conclusion takes the form of a battle. And I liked Shades of Magic, but I loved Jackaby, so it’s pretty telling that it was a miss for me with both. Overall I really do like this series though. I don’t read enough straightforward fantasy, I think.

The Squall: Not even Myrna Loy could save this movie. In fact, whatever there was to save was over by the time she opened her mouth.