Training Recap: 2018.12.10 – 2018.12.16

Got off to an awesome start on Monday when my foot started to hurt unbearably during a run, which has been going on for weeks but I kind of hoped would just go away on its own. My toes are not broken, and thankfully not fractured (yet), but I got a somewhat emphatic “stop running” warning until after an MRI. So, that blows. I wanted to go to kickboxing and Zumba but those seemed like self-evidently bad ideas. On the list of positives this week, though, I did spend a good amount of time in the pool, and I’m pretty sure you could generously call what I’m doing “swimming” as opposed to “failing to drown.” I’m trying to work up to being able to swim for an hour consistently, but that goal is a long way off. Maybe not as long as I first thought, though. We shall see.


This Week’s Training Was Brought To You By…

A History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Episodes 22-29: I came specifically for the metaphysics of giraffes and am very disappointed.

Dumplin’ (Netflix): I thought this was just too freaking charming. It’s very light in a good way, and sticks close to its story in the sense that it’s basically a single-lesson plot, which is exactly what it should be. It feels very intuitively like a fairy tale, plot-wise.

The Solitary Cyclist (The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes): A cute, by the book adaptation of the short story. It didn’t really add anything for me, having read all those stories earlier this year.

Battle of the Magicians (Lights Out): godawful.

Omar the Wizard of Persia, Episode 1: Nope. Nope nope nope. Hell to the nope. I’m going back to comedy and detectives.

Summertime:  I adore Katherine Hepburn and I loved this movie so much. I feel a serious David Lean binge coming on. Nothing like a Lawrence of Arabia length threshold ride, amiright?