New Year, New Book

Some friends and I are having a “New Year, New Book” party, which is just the lovely offspring of secret santa and book club. I thought my instructions were pretty good, so here they are if you want to throw your own book exchange party. I am excited, because it’s kind of like show and tell.

Book Exchange Instructions:

  1. Choose a book you’re passionate about. Fiction or nonfiction. It doesn’t have to be (slash shouldn’t be) your favorite book of all time. Pick a book you really like for a specific reason. For example:
    • Tara might bring Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are because she is really passionate about the subject of animal intelligence and issues of speciesism, and even though the book is flawed, it provides a great overview of the issues involved in doing science with animals. (That’s not what I’m bringing. But it would have been a good book.)
    • She could also bring Moby Dick because she really likes the typeface in her Arion Press facsimile. (Also not what I’m bringing.)
  2. Buy a copy of the book, or pillage your own shelves. Used is TOTALLY FINE. Spend the minimum amount of money possible on a readable copy. (Or more, if you have a spirit debt that requires you to buy hardcovers.)
  3. WRAP THE BOOK. Even if you are bad at wrapping, wrap the book. Even if you wrap it in a plastic bag, wrap the book. That is really important to the concept of secret santa.
  4. If you are a nervous person, like me, think about what you want to say about the book. Like, not a treatise, but a few good points about the book. (You can write it down.)
  5. Bring the book to the party. We’ll do a random exchange, not a “who wrapped it best” exchange.