Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20

Welcome back to my weekly training blog posts! This week I ended up not getting as many miles in as I would have hoped, but it’s my first real week back so I’m not too worried about it. Much more importantly: for the first time in a long time, my foot wasn’t killing me during any of the workouts I did, which I think is the green light I was waiting for. Yay!

I also tried TRX for a first time, which was hilarious. When you get to the part where your feet go in the straps, I believe my exact words were, “Are you fucking joking?” But I love ridiculous things, and it was pretty ridiculous, so I’d definitely do it again.

Monday1:001:006 miles
Tuesday2000m3.3 miles Apt. Stairs x 2
Wednesday1000m1:004 miles
Saturday1:00 trx
0:45 cardio
Sunday4.4 miles

My Win of the Week is that on Saturday, I recognized that the thing keeping me from going for a run wasn’t that I was tired, it was that I hate being cold more than anything else about exercise, and it was really goddamn cold out. So I compromised and did a fun PopSugar workout in my apartment instead of throwing out the time altogether.

This Week’s Training Was Brought To You By…

The History of France by John Julius Norwich which I’m reading for work. It’s really, really long as an audiobook. That’s basically what I listened to all week. I’ll be telling you more in a review soon, so hold out for that.

One episode of Marie Kondo on Netflix, which was all I could take. I just can’t stand reality tv.