Better Worlds

Awwww! I just found out about The Verge’s Better Worlds series by way of Scalzi’s short story “A Model Dog” ! It’s a cute little story, I liked it1 for its humor and especially the animation. Do check it out.

What this really reminded me of, though, is a Disney movie that apparently only I liked: Tomorrowland. I know it wasn’t the movie of the century, but I thought it was cute and, more importantly, actually optimistic. I really like optimistic science fiction, and stories that seek to inspire inventiveness in kids rather than fuel them with fear. Plus, Hugh Laurie. I mean, honestly.

I kind of think we’re going to come back around to the DIY, mythbuster-y, girl inventor style of representing technology in fiction, but it feels so rare right now. Like, I’d love to read a YA book about a high school robotics club. Does that exist? There are just too many dystopias in which characters can’t get any further than survival and rebellion. They may win, but it’s a dark win. When I think “positive technology stories” I think middle grade. It’s easy to imagine a robotics club story on a MG level. But I think it’s possible to do this for YA readers, I just don’t know how yet.

All of this is irrelevant to my current project, though, which I am going to get back to work on right this second I swear.

Oh look, more dogs.

did someone say dog?
  1. I mean, if we’re honest, you could slap a dog in anything and suddenly I’d be into it. If football had even one dog per team I would know probably at least half of the rules. But even so, it actually was a cute story.