On My Mind, January 25th 2019 At 8 In The Morning After Minimal Sleep

I have nothing for you today because I’m busily scribbling away at this mystery novel that I currently believe is the worst book that has ever been written but from experience can tell even at this point is going to turn out really pretty great. Right now it’s less scribbling and more putting the scribbles in order like a jigsaw puzzle, because this is like version three of this same book, so I have all the content I just need to sew it together into a book.

So instead of intelligible content, here are 10 things off the top of my head that I’m currently pondering this morning:

  1. The use of the narrator in China Mieville’s Railsea.
  2. Techniques of note taking (as always)
  3. The micro-structure of narrative (again, as always)
  4. Assyria/cuneiform/do I have time for this right now
  5. Which pens will not bleed through tomoe river paper (answer, not Staedtler)
  6. Lifelogging and the psychology of lifelogging
  7. The creation of tangible satisfaction in knowledge-work
  8. Leslie Howard (still!)
  9. Learning to swim good
  10. Triathlons slash the psychology of endurance slash how do you write about mental endurance
  11. My cat

Ok, that was 11, but really Dudley is “thing I am obsessed with number zero,” and should simply be assumed in any list of this type.

There are a lot of other things on my mind, but that’s where we are this morning at 8AM. I keep staring at the Erebus book I’m saving for when I finish some books I’m reading for work…get ready for a rabid return to arctic obsession pretty soon, I feel it like the call of adventure in the wind over the open (rail)sea.