Training Recap: 2019.02.04-2019.02.10

The big stuff: had a swim lesson this past week. I continue to not drown in new and more comical ways. But the exciting thing is that because it’s still so new, every time I go to the pool I’m noticeably better. I tried to put more time in on running, but my hip and foot are killing me again, and I’m really nervous about overdoing it. I also wasn’t really feeling biking this week. I ended up getting super tired, not sure why. I am excited for it to get warm out again, because I feel like I have more energy when it’s warm.

Monday0:45 lesson6.5 miles
Tuesday1750 m3.25 miles
Wednesday1:001:300:45 strength
Saturday1:00 TRX
Sunday3.25 miles

This Week’s Training Was Brought To You By…

Macbeth (Nesbø): This is unputdownable.

The Age of Innocence: I loved this book. LOVED it.

A Wrinkle in Time: Feeling nostalgic.