Ship’s Log

Training Recap: 2018.10.08-2018.10.14

Welcome to the new and potentially really boring Monday feature on this blog: training recaps! Woo. Can you feel the excitement? No? That’s because it’s not there. But I’m sure like everything else I write, this will reach a state of barely maintainable pretentiousness in about a week. So stick around. This week was supposed … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2018.10.08-2018.10.14”

Leslie Howard Obsession Continues Apace

Because he is long dead, this doesn’t strike me as being as pathetic as it patently is, but I am hard in love with Leslie Howard. I mean honestly it’s not that different than when people are swoony over current celebrities, it’s just somehow categorized away as different because now it’s a historical thing and … Continue reading “Leslie Howard Obsession Continues Apace”

String-Gathering Techniques for Future Me

During this last trip, I learned a lot about how I want to conduct these “string-gathering” research trips in the future. Like, I learned that even though I’m already a slow traveler, stopping to take extensive notes and observations will slow you down exponentially. I thought I would have more downtime to type things up. … Continue reading “String-Gathering Techniques for Future Me”

Remember that time I went to Crete?

Here is the driest, most unwriterly report possible of what I did in Greece, with a minimum of commentary and absolutely nothing of interest to anyone but me whatsoever. I have for the most part gone through and taken out every interesting and amazing thing that happened and replaced it with, “Just the facts.” It … Continue reading “Remember that time I went to Crete?”

One Thing I Miss About Work

There aren’t very many things that I miss about going to work, except the coworkers I liked and the abundance of books/movies and the fact that (aside from slowly sliding into serious exhaustion) I found the work enjoyable if not always fulfilling. I honestly think that I would have been a really happy library paraprofessional, … Continue reading “One Thing I Miss About Work”


Welcome to yet more pre-scheduled content! One thing that really interests me is how people customize technology to meet their own needs and personality. So, other people’s filing systems, ways they use shortcuts or specific paths in certain programs, methods of arranging apps on phones…I find all that super interesting. But beauty is also a … Continue reading “Flaticons”