Ship’s Log

All the Sherlock Holmes-ing I Can Take

I‘m listening to all the Sherlock Holmes books, and it’s like after a while you just want to punch him in his stupid face. The degree of certainty and logic presumed in these stories is just maddening. His “reasoning” is ridiculous. It’s like listening to a Rube Goldberg machine. Now, I am absolutely for the … Continue reading “All the Sherlock Holmes-ing I Can Take”

Vivant Denon: Egypt Over Eroticism

I was wandering through the stacks the other day and I picked up this little book called No Tomorrow by Vivant Denon. I knew of Denon from Voyage dans la basse et la haute Egypte and his loot-tastic approach to museum management, but had–as is pretty much my way when it comes to proper nouns and dates–completely forgotten his … Continue reading “Vivant Denon: Egypt Over Eroticism”


As a side effect of getting really interested in Linear B over the past few weeks, taking an odd shortcut through the problems of relating place names to uncertain geographic locations, and the possibilities of viewing/organizing information associated with both place and time, I found myself procrastinating with Peripleo. It’s a fun tool to play with, … Continue reading “Peripleo”


I have a few really nice puzzles from Artifact Puzzles. They have very beautiful prints, the pieces feel nice to handle, and the shapes themselves are so artfully done. This one I’ve been waiting for since basically forever: Sometimes when I really like a work of art I get a puzzle to try to shake off … Continue reading “Puzzles!”