Ship’s Log

Lux presents…cereal prizes.

My mom and I listened to His Girl Friday starring Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, and Jack Carson a few days ago, and they were advertising the hell out of their current–current to the 40’s, I mean–promotion, this ridiculous Scarlett O’Hara brooch. I’ve heard them advertise it before, but this time we looked it up. This is … Continue reading “Lux presents…cereal prizes.”

Reading Shakespeare

When it comes to reading, I am definitely what you might call a completionist, and I’ve had the goal of reading every one of Shakespeare’s plays since I was in college. Haven’t made much progress, honestly. This has mostly resulted in me reading, seeing, and studying the ones I like over and over, and saying … Continue reading “Reading Shakespeare”

Training Recap: 2018.11.05 – 2018.11.12 plus BONUS RACE REPORT

I did it! I ran a marathon! Me, pretty much for the rest of the week. I spent the week leading up to this marathon frantically googling things like “what are carbs” and “is pizza carbs” and “pizza before marathon.” I also got in some really janky short workouts that vascillated between “I should be … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2018.11.05 – 2018.11.12 plus BONUS RACE REPORT”

A Time to Keep Silence

I read Patrick Leigh Fermor’s A Time to Keep Silence recently. It’s not my favorite, but it had some winning descriptions. He can be really naive and sometimes that’s endearing but other times it’s just grating. And right now, for some reason, I’m kind of put off by things that I know would be much … Continue reading “A Time to Keep Silence”