Ship’s Log

Training Recap: 2019.01.21 – 2019.01.27

Eek. This week did not go well. Ok, so in my defense, it was dangerously cold on Monday, and my little Hobonichi Weeks has a very firm warning scribbled all over Monday that says “DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE TODAY” in all caps. Cold weather really screws everything up for me, because I have a transportation … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.01.21 – 2019.01.27”

On My Mind, January 25th 2019 At 8 In The Morning After Minimal Sleep

I have nothing for you today because I’m busily scribbling away at this mystery novel that I currently believe is the worst book that has ever been written but from experience can tell even at this point is going to turn out really pretty great. Right now it’s less scribbling and more putting the scribbles … Continue reading “On My Mind, January 25th 2019 At 8 In The Morning After Minimal Sleep”

Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20

Welcome back to my weekly training blog posts! This week I ended up not getting as many miles in as I would have hoped, but it’s my first real week back so I’m not too worried about it. Much more importantly: for the first time in a long time, my foot wasn’t killing me during … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20”

KonMari: Book Wars

So we’re all talking about KonMari now? I’m on board. Quick caveat: I’ve read the book, but I haven’t watched the television show yet. I’m going to, I’m sure, because I am actually really interested in the way that Kondo’s method has created conversations about our relationships with objects, the memories they hold, the ways … Continue reading “KonMari: Book Wars”

Victorian, Ninja, Author, Adult

In my task manager, Omnifocus, I have different folders that I use to organize different zones of responsibility in my life. I’ve been using the same five ones since I was in college: Author, Work, Ninja, Victorian, and Life. I finally managed to condense Author and Work into the same folder, because I’m now a … Continue reading “Victorian, Ninja, Author, Adult”