Reading Shakespeare

When it comes to reading, I am definitely what you might call a completionist, and I’ve had the goal of reading every one of Shakespeare’s plays since I was in college. Haven’t made much progress, honestly. This has mostly resulted in me reading, seeing, and studying the ones I like over and over, and saying … Continue reading “Reading Shakespeare”

“We catch our breath at the places where the breath was always caught.”

I was reunited last week, through happy collision on the library shelf, with Tom Stoppard’s The Invention of Love which is naturally posturingly brilliant. No one have I been more mouth-infected by than Stoppard save, perhaps, Beckett. One’s an aspiration, the other is a viral disease: it’s interesting to study and look at, but my … Continue reading ““We catch our breath at the places where the breath was always caught.””

Madcap Molière

One of the things I’ve noticed on my whirlwind tour of French theater, particularly in Molière, is that it really does seem like the thing we call humor has some sort of universal core. For example, on Sunday my insomniac double feature included Libeled Lady, which I really liked, and it’s just absolutely true that screwball comedies … Continue reading “Madcap Molière”