The Insomniac’s Sputtering Mind

When I get really bad insomnia, I try to convince myself that I’m actually the normal human, and everyone else is trying to fool themselves that sleep is a natural process. My favorite tidbit of history relating to this is that segmented sleep actually was really common in times of yore. Or, you can pretend … Continue reading “The Insomniac’s Sputtering Mind”

Leslie Howard Obsession Continues Apace

Because he is long dead, this doesn’t strike me as being as pathetic as it patently is, but I am hard in love with Leslie Howard. I mean honestly it’s not that different than when people are swoony over current celebrities, it’s just somehow categorized away as different because now it’s a historical thing and … Continue reading “Leslie Howard Obsession Continues Apace”


I have a few really nice puzzles from Artifact Puzzles. They have very beautiful prints, the pieces feel nice to handle, and the shapes themselves are so artfully done. This one I’ve been waiting for since basically forever: Sometimes when I really like a work of art I get a puzzle to try to shake off … Continue reading “Puzzles!”

Handwriting Fonts

On Phaidon, I saw a really interesting project creating fonts from the handwriting of songwriters, like Bowie, Lennon, and Cobain. Naturally, this project was immediately taken down just when it had gained a bit of attention, because something something intellectual property. But it used to live at and maybe someday someone will come up … Continue reading “Handwriting Fonts”

The Work of References in Fiction

Let me begin by saying, I loved The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily. Totally loved it. That’s the five star beginning and end point. But nothing is ever that simple when you really start thinking about a book. It all goes back to this issue I keep thinking about: who are these books for? … Continue reading “The Work of References in Fiction”

What Heaven Looks Like: Comments on a Strange Wordless Book

I read the strangest book a few months ago. I read it somewhat quickly because it was due back at the library, but I’ve been thinking about it since I finished. I bought it just so I could keep perusing it. I pick it up and just stare at it from time to time. It’s … Continue reading “What Heaven Looks Like: Comments on a Strange Wordless Book”