Alchemy In Plain Sight

For whatever reason, I had to refresh my knowledge of the origin of the term “hermetically sealed” today on my lunch break. I vaguely recollected that it had something to do with alchemy and Hermes Trismegistus, but forgot…well, whatever it was that connected them. I was going to write this one out, but then I … Continue reading “Alchemy In Plain Sight”

Hey Fellas…

I’m off murdering pretend people, so please enjoy this song from one of the greatest Disney movies of all time, The Great Mouse Detective. how exactly is she going to “be good to you?” I’m not sure how exactly this concept made it through a gauntlet of writers, animators, censors, and parents to become a … Continue reading “Hey Fellas…”

The Insomniac’s Sputtering Mind

When I get really bad insomnia, I try to convince myself that I’m actually the normal human, and everyone else is trying to fool themselves that sleep is a natural process. My favorite tidbit of history relating to this is that segmented sleep actually was really common in times of yore. Or, you can pretend … Continue reading “The Insomniac’s Sputtering Mind”

On My Mind, January 25th 2019 At 8 In The Morning After Minimal Sleep

I have nothing for you today because I’m busily scribbling away at this mystery novel that I currently believe is the worst book that has ever been written but from experience can tell even at this point is going to turn out really pretty great. Right now it’s less scribbling and more putting the scribbles … Continue reading “On My Mind, January 25th 2019 At 8 In The Morning After Minimal Sleep”

KonMari: Book Wars

So we’re all talking about KonMari now? I’m on board. Quick caveat: I’ve read the book, but I haven’t watched the television show yet. I’m going to, I’m sure, because I am actually really interested in the way that Kondo’s method has created conversations about our relationships with objects, the memories they hold, the ways … Continue reading “KonMari: Book Wars”