KonMari: Book Wars

So we’re all talking about KonMari now? I’m on board. Quick caveat: I’ve read the book, but I haven’t watched the television show yet. I’m going to, I’m sure, because I am actually really interested in the way that Kondo’s method has created conversations about our relationships with objects, the memories they hold, the ways … Continue reading “KonMari: Book Wars”

A Time to Keep Silence

I read Patrick Leigh Fermor’s A Time to Keep Silence recently. It’s not my favorite, but it had some winning descriptions. He can be really naive and sometimes that’s endearing but other times it’s just grating. And right now, for some reason, I’m kind of put off by things that I know would be much … Continue reading “A Time to Keep Silence”

One Thing I Miss About Work

There aren’t very many things that I miss about going to work, except the coworkers I liked and the abundance of books/movies and the fact that (aside from slowly sliding into serious exhaustion) I found the work enjoyable if not always fulfilling. I honestly think that I would have been a really happy library paraprofessional, … Continue reading “One Thing I Miss About Work”


Welcome to yet more pre-scheduled content! One thing that really interests me is how people customize technology to meet their own needs and personality. So, other people’s filing systems, ways they use shortcuts or specific paths in certain programs, methods of arranging apps on phones…I find all that super interesting. But beauty is also a … Continue reading “Flaticons”

Dance Break!

Somewhere, I can’t remember where, someone or some online thing reminded me that this video of classic film stars dancing to Uptown Funk exists: Needs moar Donald O’Connor. Like, just make it all Donald O’Connor. It’s compulsively watchable. I’m still in Greece so come find me on Instagram.

Instagram and Inadequacy

This is a totally serious question: do people actually feel inadequate when looking at Instagram pictures? Or is this some kind of manufactured perceived injustice that everyone knows isn’t true? I ask because I had never really thought of putting things on social media as bragging. I thought of it more as saying, “Look at … Continue reading “Instagram and Inadequacy”