Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race Report

Breaking my blog hiatus to write up some really quick thoughts on the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, which was yesterday. I felt really, really bad about how I did right after the race yesterday, but as the afternoon wore on I realized I was being ridiculous and it was a really great learning experience, … Continue reading “Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race Report”

Training Recap: 2019.02.11-2019.02.17

This week, I got exceptionally good at shoving an icepack down my pants. I ran some pathetic miles, biked some pathetic miles, swam some pathetic…mile. For running and biking, I’ve read that it’s valuable to push through the pathetic miles: you’re teaching yourself how to perform when you’re tired. For swimming, though, at least for … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.02.11-2019.02.17”

Training Recap: 2019.01.28 – 2019.02.03

Woo! Did slightly better this week. I really need to get back into running but it’s been super icy, and I hate running on the treadmill no matter what the movie is. But it’s like four weeks until that half marathon, so next week it’s crunch time. Today’s new exercise adventure was yoga in public, … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.01.28 – 2019.02.03”

Training Recap: 2019.01.21 – 2019.01.27

Eek. This week did not go well. Ok, so in my defense, it was dangerously cold on Monday, and my little Hobonichi Weeks has a very firm warning scribbled all over Monday that says “DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE TODAY” in all caps. Cold weather really screws everything up for me, because I have a transportation … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.01.21 – 2019.01.27”

Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20

Welcome back to my weekly training blog posts! This week I ended up not getting as many miles in as I would have hoped, but it’s my first real week back so I’m not too worried about it. Much more importantly: for the first time in a long time, my foot wasn’t killing me during … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20”

Victorian, Ninja, Author, Adult

In my task manager, Omnifocus, I have different folders that I use to organize different zones of responsibility in my life. I’ve been using the same five ones since I was in college: Author, Work, Ninja, Victorian, and Life. I finally managed to condense Author and Work into the same folder, because I’m now a … Continue reading “Victorian, Ninja, Author, Adult”

Training Recap: 2018.12.10 – 2018.12.16

Got off to an awesome start on Monday when my foot started to hurt unbearably during a run, which has been going on for weeks but I kind of hoped would just go away on its own. My toes are not broken, and thankfully not fractured (yet), but I got a somewhat emphatic “stop running” warning … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2018.12.10 – 2018.12.16”