Journal With an Author

Hey pals! I’m doing an intriguing event at Upshur Street Books on Thursday, if you’re at all interested. It’s basically a writing workshop about one of my favorite topics: notebooks, and how preparatory writing changes our final writing, and how observation strengthens our writing. It sounds super boring when I say it that way. So, … Continue reading “Journal With an Author”

My AMA was a success…?

So, if you didn’t catch it, I did a small AMA yesterday on r/YAwriters. It was an interesting experience! I wrote a technical novella for each answer because I take things far too seriously, and because I never get to talk about craft with anyone. I’m done answering questions but you can still read it … Continue reading “My AMA was a success…?”

Accidental Enjambment

In poetry, enjambment is “the running-over of a sentence or phrase from one poetic line to the next, without terminal punctuation; the opposite of end-stopped.” Wikipedia gives this example from The Waste Land, in which only lines 4 and 7 are end-stopped: April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing … Continue reading “Accidental Enjambment”

Thanks For A Successful Launch!!!

Wow, so I had to hibernate for a full day before I could get my brain sufficiently together to face the fact that my book came out on Tuesday. You know what’s a great place to hibernate? The National Gallery. I gave some family members the “just the highlights and snarky comments about Gauguin” tour. … Continue reading “Thanks For A Successful Launch!!!”