Hey Fellas…

I’m off murdering pretend people, so please enjoy this song from one of the greatest Disney movies of all time, The Great Mouse Detective. how exactly is she going to “be good to you?” I’m not sure how exactly this concept made it through a gauntlet of writers, animators, censors, and parents to become a … Continue reading “Hey Fellas…”

Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20

Welcome back to my weekly training blog posts! This week I ended up not getting as many miles in as I would have hoped, but it’s my first real week back so I’m not too worried about it. Much more importantly: for the first time in a long time, my foot wasn’t killing me during … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2019.01.14 – 2019.01.20”

Madcap Molière

One of the things I’ve noticed on my whirlwind tour of French theater, particularly in Molière, is that it really does seem like the thing we call humor has some sort of universal core. For example, on Sunday my insomniac double feature included Libeled Lady, which I really liked, and it’s just absolutely true that screwball comedies … Continue reading “Madcap Molière”

Charmed Lives in Greece: Ghika, Craxton, Leigh Fermor

I was in England for a few days, and I saw an incredible number of incredible things which I will slowly recount as I remember them with renewed excitement. One of those incredible things was this completely random little exhibition right off the hellscape that is Room 4 at the British Museum. It was called … Continue reading “Charmed Lives in Greece: Ghika, Craxton, Leigh Fermor”

Outward together in the same direction

I think probably because it was mentioned on brainpickings, I’ve seen a few times and been thinking myself about this Saint-Exupéry quote: Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. Looking at the context of this larger quote from Terre des hommes … Continue reading “Outward together in the same direction”

Handwriting Fonts

On Phaidon, I saw a really interesting project creating fonts from the handwriting of songwriters, like Bowie, Lennon, and Cobain. Naturally, this project was immediately taken down just when it had gained a bit of attention, because something something intellectual property. But it used to live at songwritersfonts.com and maybe someday someone will come up … Continue reading “Handwriting Fonts”