Dance Break!

Somewhere, I can’t remember where, someone or some online thing reminded me that this video of classic film stars dancing to Uptown Funk exists: Needs moar Donald O’Connor. Like, just make it all Donald O’Connor. It’s compulsively watchable. I’m still in Greece so come find me on Instagram.

Madcap Molière

One of the things I’ve noticed on my whirlwind tour of French theater, particularly in Molière, is that it really does seem like the thing we call humor has some sort of universal core. For example, on Sunday my insomniac double feature included Libeled Lady, which I really liked, and it’s just absolutely true that screwball comedies … Continue reading “Madcap Molière”

Ivor Novello Silently Stole My Heart

Ivor Novello was such a proto-goth heartthrob. Like, throw a blazer on him and muss his hair up and he’d be ready to win the hearts of sensitive girls with very active tumblr accounts. But he’s actually got this really interesting history that I didn’t know much about. I know way more about Noël Coward. … Continue reading “Ivor Novello Silently Stole My Heart”

Teleprinter In A Box?

What. The. Hell. Is. This. Thing. (???) Let me back up for a second. Last night/this morning, I watched Hitchcock’s The Lodger which is an absolute FEAST of typefaces and text design starting with the beautiful censor card, the opening sequence, all the intertitles, basically any time text appears onscreen…INCLUDING in this bizarro magic box … Continue reading “Teleprinter In A Box?”