String-Gathering Techniques for Future Me

During this last trip, I learned a lot about how I want to conduct these “string-gathering” research trips in the future. Like, I learned that even though I’m already a slow traveler, stopping to take extensive notes and observations will slow you down exponentially. I thought I would have more downtime to type things up. … Continue reading “String-Gathering Techniques for Future Me”

Remember that time I went to Crete?

Here is the driest, most unwriterly report possible of what I did in Greece, with a minimum of commentary and absolutely nothing of interest to anyone but me whatsoever. I have for the most part gone through and taken out every interesting and amazing thing that happened and replaced it with, “Just the facts.” It … Continue reading “Remember that time I went to Crete?”


As a side effect of getting really interested in Linear B over the past few weeks, taking an odd shortcut through the problems of relating place names to uncertain geographic locations, and the possibilities of viewing/organizing information associated with both place and time, I found myself procrastinating with Peripleo. It’s a fun tool to play with, … Continue reading “Peripleo”