Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race Report

Breaking my blog hiatus to write up some really quick thoughts on the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, which was yesterday. I felt really, really bad about how I did right after the race yesterday, but as the afternoon wore on I realized I was being ridiculous and it was a really great learning experience, … Continue reading “Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Race Report”

Training Recap: 2018.11.05 – 2018.11.12 plus BONUS RACE REPORT

I did it! I ran a marathon! Me, pretty much for the rest of the week. I spent the week leading up to this marathon frantically googling things like “what are carbs” and “is pizza carbs” and “pizza before marathon.” I also got in some really janky short workouts that vascillated between “I should be … Continue reading “Training Recap: 2018.11.05 – 2018.11.12 plus BONUS RACE REPORT”

What is this cancer on my wrist?

So I’ve been wearing a Garmin watch to try to get a feeling for what kinds of things people who actually run marathons think. I’ve been trying to embrace the constant weirdness of all the shit it tells me, and the feeling that I have a small tyrant strapped to my wrist, constantly monitoring me. … Continue reading “What is this cancer on my wrist?”

Things I’ve learned about running

I hate running. That’s it. That’s pretty much it. I absolutely hate the physical activity that is called running and all measured distances on which one may compete in the sport called running and basically everything about running is abhorrent to me. But, that said, I think this is a worthy experiment, and I will … Continue reading “Things I’ve learned about running”